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I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.

Prompt 5 A Poem

Yonder sits a starlit night,                         Its moon a sphere of pure light . I chose a snowy evening                        … Continue reading

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Prompt # 6

It happened last Monday in my writing therapy group: “What is it I need to express?” A shit ton of people feel that we are not our body. It’s a popular concept. That our body is simply a vessel. Ask … Continue reading

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Closer to Home

Over coffee, I’d mentioned that I hadn’t posted to my blog in months. I was worried about offending some folks who might read it. Well, I’m over it now. Here goes: I landed a spot to live after six grueling … Continue reading

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I want desperately to write. There’s a burning, yearning. I am raw. I feel so very alone. I am homeless. A hotel room lovingly provided. A night in the spare room of a dear friend. Moving forward, two weeks offered … Continue reading

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Yet Again

  Another hospitalization under my belt. Suicidal ideation reared its head. For the fourth time in a fifteen-month span, it beckoned. This time, I managed to avoid the clique-ishness of the staff at the one hospital and the vulgarity of … Continue reading

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Writing at “Steel City”

20-30 minute prompt: A Big Favor I have a tendency not to ask too many–favors, that is. I’m inclined to believe it may be due to my upbringing. What isn’t connected to my upbringing, I think. I was brought up … Continue reading

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Elevator Angel

Before today, I didn’t have an advanced directive stating my desires surrounding my end of life. Today I will ask my friends, T, and D, to witness my signature on the form G brought home.   “Are you okay?” asked … Continue reading

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Writing this in hopes of connecting. My soul’s been on disconnect for much longer than expected. Simple tasks had become behemoth; brushing my teeth, a feat of massive proportions. And I spent another five weeks searching deeper into my head … Continue reading

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Three Strikes?

Headaches, in general, have not been a problem for me. Muscle discomfort. PMS strife. Pain following twelve hour scoliosis surgery. All familiar. The near-migraines ( have experienced those, as well) that have plagued me in the last couple of weeks … Continue reading

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High Road

Can’t say there’s a reason I’d abandoned Sams Space. Possibly because I’d stepped away from me for a while. Ironic, since I returned to cognitive therapy sessions as a precursor to hormone therapy, as requested by my provider of T. … Continue reading

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