Prompt # 6

It happened last Monday in my writing therapy group:

“What is it I need to express?”

A shit ton of people feel that we are not our body. It’s a popular concept. That our body is simply a vessel.

Ask any trans person, especially one like me who can’t transition, what it feels like to be in the wrong body.

I feel tricked by God. Like I have this body thrust in my face on a daily basis.

A dead name I have despised forever. Body parts that I don’t want– that I feel don’t fit me–my personality.

I am angry! I want to scream! Try living in the wrong body! Just imagine if you are a man waking up with a vagina. Vice versa for a woman. How would you feel if you looked down and saw a penis every time you showered?

No one knows how I feel. I am so different and you have never walked in my shoes.

About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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