Writing at “Steel City”

20-30 minute prompt: A Big Favor

I have a tendency not to ask too many–favors, that is. I’m inclined to believe it may be due to my upbringing. What isn’t connected to my upbringing, I think.

I was brought up not to expect too much to come my way; emotionally at least. Crumbs come to mind. Take what you get. Don’t ask for what you can’t get. I grew up this way. As a woman. You are not a cis, white, affluent male, so…

And, guess what? I grew not to expect to be listened to or have my opinion respected or my gender expression recognized. Never mind ever to have the opportunity to live as an encouraged non-binary person.

A big favor…not so big…would be for you to stop misgendering me. So, you’re being asked NOT to do something. Hard for you to do because I present as female. Please don’t misgender me.

I can’t take hormones. At age sixty, my body has rejected them. Please don’t misgender me. Top surgery is an issue. I won’t be getting it, for a variety of reasons.  Please don’t misgender me.

You are my mother; my father. Each still living. Please don’t disown me. Those on the Internet, the street corner, the churches–with or without steeples–Big favor: Please don’t wish me dead.

To All the rest. Big Favor: Please don’t misgender me.


About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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2 Responses to Writing at “Steel City”

  1. Glad you are writing again. Hope it helps ease your burden. You have so many people in your corner rooting you on. Surround yourself with people who honor and respect you.


    • sam davies says:

      Thanks, M.A.B. Writing is my salve, these days. Read a post yesterday congratulating folks for divorcing their toxic mothers. I’m semi-detached from mine and THAT day is fast approaching. It’s times like these I am in super-need of the moral support you speak to.

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