“Calling All Angels”

To me, the trans men that meet in my group each week are angels. Plain and simple. We are all there to learn, to express and grow as humans and we have each other’s back. Not a word that’s spoken there is taken for granted. Not a glance goes by unnoticed. Eye contact is tough, no matter who we are, and sharing of this capacity deserves recognition. I have utmost respect for the dignity of each man I am in the room with. They are my brothers.

This week was the second week I made the journey to the city alone. Things went as planned. Only thing is, I am always early no matter where I go. Must have something to do with driving that school bus all those years. Can’t say I’m real comfortable sitting around with nothing to do. I don’t own a smart phone or tablet so I feel I look foolish and close my eyes and pretend I’m sleeping. It’s not that I’m bored. I simply have nothing in my hands to glare at like every other person riding the train, waiting in a lobby, etc. I’ve decided I will write longhand next time I’m alone.

Today was the final meeting of the year of our writing group J. W. Because the prompts were especially moving, I’ve decided to share one and my written reaction to it. I have a tendency to shorten the prompts so I can begin writing with what I call quickness. I don’t think for the ten minutes we’re granted to answer each prompt. I plow through them with little attention to actual detail. It’s freeing.

“One Thing I can Do To Promote Peace.”

“I write from a place of love for myself and others. As long as I am honest and forthright, my positive energy can’t help but spread and create union and connection with all the people of the world.”

“My best way of reaching out, for now, is my blog. I have intention. To open dialogue about transitioning from female to male. To educate folks about a populace so misunderstood and mostly feared.”

“If I could present in a language, address a universal ignorance, the masses would join and less violence would occur. ‘Calling All Angels’. Words, perhaps the title of a song, I heard on my way in this morning.”

“Believing in angels and having been the ‘recipient’ of miracles leaves me no doubt I, and many others, have something to offer the planet–its people–in the way of peace. I used to think the opposite; that I, as a writer, had nothing to say that hadn’t already been said. I don’t feel that way anymore.”

Next week, G will be joining me on the ride to the city to attend a support group for partners and allies of trans men and/or women. It’ll be nice to have company and someone to share with during the trip. I sure do miss my dear friend, R. She not only served as companion, she built my morale each step of the way.



About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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6 Responses to “Calling All Angels”

  1. pkcapaldo says:

    You are one of those angels to so many people.

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  2. contoveros says:

    Calling All Angels.

    They heard you and are responding every time you write a Blog post providing the world with your authentic self. Your voice is needed. It may only touch a few people. Like that kid in the Deep South who is wondering about his sexuality and why he feels so different about whom he wants to love and be with.

    Help him come out of the shadows and accept God’s blessing rather than view it as some kind of a curse.

    Nice seeing you again Sam. Talk with you later!

    Michael J


    • sam davies says:

      Thank you for following, Michael J. You are supportive in my quest and I couldn’t ask for more. You are indeed an inspiration to me. It’s easy, when the cards are stacked against us, to think of ourselves as less than–as second class citizens–at best. It’s hard to have faith without hope. Many trans people, young and old, suffer self loathing and feel useless and worthless to this world. To lift them up to the presence of their Higher Power is what I feel I am being used for by mine. Thank you and God Bless.

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  3. Diane Yannick says:

    I’m pretty sure you are an angel who blesses all of us who call you friend✨

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