LGBTQA Health Fair

Yesterday G and I attended an LGBTQA health fair in a nearby town. Figured I’d be the only trans male there, which was fine, because we’re not a large group. Scanned the pamphlet for pics of trans men, from the Mid-Atlantic Trans*perience Community booth, hoping. Many beautiful women. Didn’t see any guys but the time will soon come.

The transwomen we met were extremely inclusive and happy to meet G and me and we got a warm feeling from them. I’d be game and G would be, as well, spending time and forming friendships. We picked up a pamphlet about an organization called the Renaissance Transgender Association. In it is a wealth of info with website and phone number. We plan to be in touch.

When we came to the “Your Earth Angel” booth, I struck up a conversation with April, a Life and Wellness coach. She described a gathering, a non-judgmental format, for expression of LGBTQA teens and young adults taking place next month. I offered to volunteer as a trans person and she liked the idea and took my number.

That made me happy and proud. Not to mention running into some other really cool supporters of the LGBTQA community in general. I was like a kid in a candy store at the health fair. I’d never been to one this large before and absorbed info like a sponge. Also, filled my little bag with free goodies offered. Cheered on close friends; got hugs. As my one girlfriend said,”You’re workin,’ it, Sam,” and I was. It was a fulfilling day!




About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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