Missing Out

Last week I longed to write yet was stunned in more ways than one. When my psyche is struck, my whole Self responds, sometimes in a strained way the same any person would be as if kicked in the gut.

It’s no secret that Transwomen are a targeted community. Back when I was coming out, not much was said about the Trans community, period. It seemed the adults knew about the “female tennis player who used to be a man,” but as a young person, I knew nothing. As I got older and fit into my lesbian role I remember feeling for the effeminate gay men.

The men were easy targets and, in my eyes, more unsafe than I or any of my friends. Even if we stood out and were different we could usually pass (a word I have come to despise) and society acted like they didn’t give a shit. With gay men the taunts were loud, ugly and sometimes deadly.

A young Transwoman was murdered in Philadelphia last week. Apparently her death  occurred on the same date Matthew Sheppard was murdered only seventeen years later. “We haven’t come very far, have we,” one woman posted. No. We haven’t. Last month two Transgender teens committed suicide. What is to be said?

On Saturday there was a Trans march in Philadelphia, advertised on Friday. On Sunday a Transwoman at my U.U. Fellowship and the Welcoming Committee led a Transgender service. National Coming Out Day celebrated in Philly was Sunday, as well. G and I were out of town.

While we drove the scenic span of autumn foliage deep in the mountains, not once did I let myself drift far from where I hold a special place in my heart. It’s a space that widens with each day. In it, are people that are failed as a whole. Now, Transgender folk are at the top of the list. Not only because I am a member of the community. Because, if we don’t hold a spot for the entire community–Transgender Souls, every last one–all of us will be missing out.

About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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