Who or what is looking for me?

Love looks for me. I see it through my eyes by way of others’ hearts. It is around every bend and in front of me. I feel it in the petting of my cat as she stretches, purring contentedly. It is in the pitch of a lover’s voice as she comes through the kitchen door following an enormous workday. Love, in the form of smiles, feelings so true; no mistaking the intention of the soul. Through God, the sun’s rays calmly reach earth generating enormity by way of a rainbow. Love looks for me in the question of a songbird; the image of God’s presence in the petals of a flower. I look for love through breadth, testing the waters of the planet, sensing there is more, so much more to my existence. Knowing a personal relationship with Creator. Called upon to spread love throughout. Without, within, there is meaning in every breath. The children, loving beings, deserving of the best kind of care. Solid, strong, I wait for them. I gaze upon their soul and God’s love rings through me into them in a most blessed way. God looks for me.


About sam davies

I love to write. I have a wonderful partner, G, of 16 years and a kitty named Mango. Only recently reclaimed my transgender Self. All my life I felt like a boy but didn't have a name for what it was I felt. As I travel this journey, I hope to meet others along the way who walk a more different path from the rest.
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