Realizing I’m one of the ‘older’ ones.

When I see myself as a trans guy, I don’t see myself as 50-ish. I think of myself (coming out late, this year, in fact), as a young man. How I see me is important because it’s meant the difference between feeling horrible about my image to feeling I have a lot to offer. I am satisfied with how I look.

A new friend, who has yet to fully understand what being trans is about, asked if I started to wear my hair super-short and wear guy’s clothes once I let myself know myself as trans. No. I thought I was a butch lesbian because I didn’t have trans as an option in my brain.

Now my heart and my brain and my body image match and I am fine as I am. I will probably not have any surgery because I’ve been cut big-time in the past. Although, I do experience some dysphoria over having breasts, I am coming to terms with it in my own way. And I identify as trans guy, not man, where I shave all the hair on my body so T isn’t for me. Not now, anyway.

How do you feel good with you? Let me know how you see yourself.

About sam davies

I write under the pseudonym, Sam Davies.
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