This is my first blog post!

Welcome to all who have found your way to sam’s space! I am interested in sharing experiences, questions and just what it’s like to be FTM. We can all get something from each other and it’s a bit of a step up from posting on FB. I’m thinking we could get actual conversations started here. I, for one, have felt extremely alone in my transition. Although I’ve been accepted by a couple of sites and friended by some great guys, I still feel like I want to connect on a different level. Thanks for visiting and let me know what YOU think.


About sam davies

I love to write. I have a wonderful partner, G, of 16 years and a kitty named Mango. Only recently reclaimed my transgender Self. All my life I felt like a boy but didn't have a name for what it was I felt. As I travel this journey, I hope to meet others along the way who walk a more different path from the rest.
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